Connecting young people in Aotearoa New Zealand's seafood communities

​Young Fish NZ is a newly formed networking group for young people (under 35) involved in all parts of our seafood industry, from fishing and marine farming, to seafood processing, marketing, and science.​

In 2022, young aquaculture minds Josh Wyber, Ben Pierce and Maegen Blom got together for a drink to catch up on industry updates and float their latest and greatest ideas. 

The three of them are passionate about their industries and always look forward to a chance to share their thoughts with likeminded young people who are equally excited about the opportunities that lie ahead.

Although NZ's Seafood industry may seem dominated by its older leaders, there are plenty of talented young people making their mark and finding their pathway in the sector.

Josh, Ben & Maegen believe that all these young people should know each other!

In October 2022, the trio invited young people from their personal networks to a trial networking event which was attended by 25+ young people from across the seafood supply chain. Everyone left the event having met a few more likeminded people who share a resounding sense of excitement for the future of Seafood. It became clear that Josh, Ben & Maegen weren't the only ones looking for these types of connections. 

The following day, Ben & Maegen presented the idea of an official group to 500+ industry leaders at the Aquaculture Conference. The idea was very well received and has since been supported strongly by industry. 

The mission for Young Fish NZ is to connect young people in Aotearoa New Zealand's seafood communities.

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Established in August 2022

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